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Not just 1, 2, or 3 - Burger King® Philippines Introduces the ALL-NEW BK Stackers with up to 4 Irresistible Flame-Grilled Perfection Combos You Can Enjoy!

Cheese…BURGER…cheese…BURGER….cheese…BURGER… need we say more?

Gear yourselves up, burger and cheese fans!

Heeding the call of meat lovers, Burger King® Philippines is going real, messy, and bold by introducing a local take on BK US’ Stackers!

Featuring 100% beef flame-grilled patties, a generous layer of oozing melted American cheese, a special tangy sauce, and a whole lot of flavor, BK Stackers lets you enjoy the burger experience by going loud, and messy.

What’s more, the BK Stacker menu lets you choose your level of burger goodness, with single, double, triple, and quadruple patty variations that you can stack.

Go for the Double Stacker, the classic double-patty burger, to wet your appetite.

If you want more than a mouthful, the Triple Stacker promises messy satisfaction.

For really big cravings, the Quad Stacker, a four-patty behemoth, will take you to burger heaven.

What makes BK Stackers truly special is the stacker sauce which compliments the smoky, flame-grilled taste of the beef patties and the salty but delicious American cheese slices. Topped with your choice of crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and succulent tomatoes, it’s burger perfection indeed!

The BK Stackers are for the adventurous. Don’t be afraid to get messy when you wolf down the BK Stackers. TIP: Be prepared to have lots of napkins – the generous portions and melted cheese require some strategic napkin usage! For the best experience, unwrap your Stacker and enjoy all the flavors in every bite.

Now you know why Burger King changed its classic logo with a stacked Burger King® in patty formation—not just on their social media pages but also making a bold statement at their Marcos Highway branch! The anticipation and excitement this created among burger lovers was definitely worth the wait!

Limited Time Offer: Get ready to stack and attack!

Get messy, get loud, and get satisfied. Head to the nearest Burger King® Philippines store and grab the BK Stackers for the ultimate indulgence-- available for a limited time only at participating Burger King® Philippines restaurants nationwide.

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