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LOOK: DITO Telecommunity and PPop Boy Group Alamat Are Releasing the Cutest Collab Merch!

DITO surprised the Magiliw to an exclusive fan meet and greet event with Alamat and launched the perfect merchandise that highlights Filipino talent!

Something is in the air because we are definitely seeing a spectacular rise for Ppop music and artists! The uniquely Filipino PPop group Alamat is also continuing and strengthening their collaboration with DITO Telecommunity with yet another exciting campaign! The boy group just released their newest exclusive merchandise in partnership with the telecom company as part of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign.

Exclusive DITO x Alamat Fan Meet and Merchandise Launch Event stickers and posters

The fan meet event was held together with a special online giveaway open to DITO subscribers, particularly those who are fans of Alamat. Since the launch of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign last February 12, Alamat’s fans who are known as the Magiliw, have shown overwhelming support and love for the DITO x Alamat collaboration. The Magiliw organized trending hashtag campaigns and online activities, mobilizing the fandom to support the campaign.

From May 6 to 22, 2024, active DITO Mobile Subscribers registered online for a chance to be one of the 300 lucky Magiliw attendees at the Alamat Fan Meet. Thousands of entries from fans and everyone alike who were excited to see the boy group in person were received online!

DITO x Alamat Fan Meet and Merchandise Launch Event Key Visual

Ms. Evelyn Jimenez, DITO Chief Revenue Officer for Consumer Business, said that the merch collaboration with Alamat is something that came from the organic support of the Magiliw for the PPop boy group ever since they were launched as the main talents of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign. “When we launched #GalingDITO 2024 last February, Alamat performed the official song and music video because with their multi-ethnic and multi-lingual musical artistry, they embody the campaign’s goals of highlighting Filipino talent from across the Philippine regions. We did not expect such huge support from Alamat’s fans, the Magiliw, as well as PPop fans. Thank you so much to all the Magiliw for the big wins and the big love that you give us at DITO Telecommunity and of course, Alamat. We can only give back with these collaborations between DITO and Alamat as we continue to uplift Filipino talent.”

#DITOTayoMagiliw Fan Meet

The merch collaboration was launched in a fan meet and greet event held this May 26 at SM Megamall. Hundreds of lucky Magiliw were the very first ones to get their hands on the special merchandise of ​​ten (10) photocards consisting of six (6) member solo photos, two (2) subunit photos, and two (2) group photos! Up for grabs also were exclusive items that were not for sale to the public such as stickers, posters, and button pins, some of which were designed by a talented Magiliw, Gelai Manabat!

The Magiliw who joined the event enjoyed special performances from Alamat, including a thrilling live version of “Ang Galing DITO”, their collaboration song with DITO Telecommunity and the main theme of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign.

Truly showcasing their “galing”, Alamat’s talents shone through with lively performances of hit songs “Maharani”, “Day and Night”, and “Dayang”.

Passionate Magiliw got the chance to meet their favorite 6inoos (ginoo) Taneo, Mo, Tomas, R-ji, Alas, and Jao, all while enjoying their interactions with the boys and having their DITO x Alamat merchandise signed.

Alamat and the Magiliw enjoyed interacting with each other in the photo and merch signing opportunity

The group expressed their gratitude for the continued collaboration with DITO and the company’s support for their music and said that, “Being part of the #GalingDITO campaign this year has helped us a lot as artists because one of Alamat’s mission is to promote Filipino culture, and it perfectly aligns with DITO’s goals. The campaign further amplified what we want to do as Alamat so thank you so much to DITO Telecommunity for welcoming us into your family. We feel like they’re one of the first big brands who really trusted us so we’re so grateful for them and we promise that we won’t let you down.”

Alamat also conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to all their Magiliw who are supporting them and their campaign with DITO. “Thank you is not enough, really, because from the very start you all have been there and we see more Magiliw joining us. We hope there will be more Magiliw, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you and we love you,” said Alamat during the Fan Meet interview.

Get your own #DITOxAlamat Merchandise

Don’t worry because even if you missed this fan event, you still have the chance to get your own DITO x Alamat Exclusive Merchandise, coming soon! The DITO x Alamat photocards are exclusively bundled with the DITO Level-Up SIM Bundles or the DITO Level-Up Socials promo so just purchase these great deals to get the exclusive merchandise!

Available soon on-ground at DITO Experience Stores when you purchase the DITO Level-Up Socials promo, and online at the DITO eShop, and DITO’s official stores in Lazada, Shopee and, TikTok when you purchase the DITO Level-Up SIM Bundles – collect all photocards of Alamat and your favorite 6inoos:
  • Get one (1) Solo Photocard of your choice or get up to ten (10) Photocards inclusive of six (6) Solos + Two (2) Group photos + Two (2) Subunits depending on the DITO Level-Up promo you will purchase
  • Get exclusive bonus merch when you purchase the DITO Level-Up Socials promo in-store or at on-ground events
If you buy the DITO Level-Up Socials at the DITO Experience stores or at DITO’s upcoming events, you can also choose which photocard you will get, plus bonus merch! Online purchases of the DITO Level-Up SIM bundles will entail users to get random photocards as there will be no option to choose.

Watch out and don’t miss the chance to complete the special DITO x Alamat photocards as you purchase these value-for-money telecom promos from DITO!

For more information and updates, check out @DITOphofficial on Facebook and Instagram or visit https://dito.ph/.

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